By Edward Percy & Reginald Denham
October 25 - November 10, 2019

A seemingly quiet Victorian country home on the marshes of the Thames estuary is actually the backdrop for murder and madness in this show that has been described as “a perfect example of psychological melodrama.” This is gothic suspense at its best!

by Norman Robbins
December 12 - 15, 2019

In this madcap musical retelling of the beloved fairytale, Cinderella finds a happily ever after with Prince Charming. It’s sure to brighten your holiday season. Not your ordinary Cinderella! A holiday extravaganza of music, dance, cross-dressing, audience participation, and hilarity!  COME HAVE FUN WITH US!!!!!!

By George D Morgan
February 21 - March 8, 2020

The year is 1957. The United States and the Soviet Union are locked in a battle to see which country will be the first to place a satellite into orbit. Rocket Girl is the heretofore untold story of how Mary Sherman Morgan, a poor farm girl with only a high school diploma not only rose to become America’s first female rocket scientist, but provided the crucial technology that launched America into the Space Age.

A humorous, fast-paced re-telling of the story. Guaranteed to delight.
NOTE: Some actors may play multiple roles which is always fun for all!

The PLAYWRIGHT will be attending certain performances!

By Noel Coward
May 1 - 17, 2020

Hoping for a quiet weekend in the country with guests, David Bliss, a novelist and his wife Judith, a retired actress, find that impossible when their high-spirited children appear with guests of their own. A house full of drama waits to be ignited as misunderstandings and tempers flare, and the 'quiet weekend' comes to an exhausting and hilarious finale. Hay Fever is one of Noel Coward’s most delightful comedies.

by Ernest Thompson
July 24 - August 9, 2020

Norman Thayer is an 80 year old curmudgeon who has heart palpitations, a fading memory, and an estranged relationship with his middle-aged daughter, Chelsea. When he and his wife, Ethel, agree to care for Billy, the son of Chelsea’s new boyfriend, at their summer home on Golden Pond a most unexpected relationship blooms.

theater set of a living room

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