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Production Team

Director: Carin Zakes
Producer: Nova Hall


Mary Sherman (Morgan): Sally Rose Zuckert
Carly Morgan: Jessie Lizotte
Richard Morgan: Jeremy Funke
Bill Weber: Eric Dino
Joe Friedman: Mat Young
Don Jenkins: Ellie Desautels
Irving Kanarek: Mario Fuentes
Tom Meyers: Chris Cooney
General Mederis: Steve Benko
Miss Biddle: Shelley Lepetich
Colonel Wilkins: Peter Haynes
Betty Manning: Shelley Lepetich
Mrs. Walker: Ann Peterson
Michael Sherman : Peter Haynes
Dutch Kindelberger: Steve Benko
Doctor: Autumn Howard
Paul Morsky: Rachel Schulte
Father MacKay: Peter Haynes
David Shelby: Rachel Shulte
Park Ranger: Ann Peterson
Barbara: Autumn Howard
theater set of a living room

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