and Cinderella, A Panto


by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham

AUDITIONS: Sunday, August 25 and Monday, August 26 at 7 p.m. at Town Players of New Canaan, Powerhouse Theater in Waveny Park.

Callbacks (if needed) will be on Tuesday, August 27.   You will read sides from the script. Headshots optional.

PDF available for review.  Email:

Be part of the creepy, yet one of the more page-turning scripts we’ve ever read!
“A seemingly quiet Victorian country home on the marshes of the Thames estuary becomes the backdrop for murder and madness…. a perfect example of psychological melodrama.”


Three Weekends – October 25 – 27,  Oct 31 – Nov 3, and Nov 8 – 10.  Performances at 8:00 pm. Sundays at 2:30 pm.


We will be auditioning for the following roles (all roles open):

ELLEN CREED (40’s/50’s)

Lead role. Proud spinster who has fallen on hard times, has had to become housekeeper/companion to her old friend Miss Leonora Fiske. Character has hidden depths beneath a placid exterior.

 LEONORA FISK (50’s-80’s)

A wealthy retiree who in her youth had been a chorus girl “of easy virtue”. Charming, vivacious, sentimental, spunky, and a hint of devilishness.

LOUISE CREED (50’s-70’s)

Eccentric older sister to Ellen. Other half of sister Emily – they do everything together. Childlike tattletale.

EMILY CREED (50’s-70’s)

Eccentric older sister to Ellen. Other half of sister Louisa – they do everything together. More contrary and cantankerous than Louisa.


Ellen’s ne’er-do-well glib nephew who is running from the law. He’s a charmer who seduces Lucy, the maid.

LUCY (20’s/30’s)

The saucy maid.

NUN (any age)

Small role – prying nun from the nearby priory.



AUDITIONS (for our Wacky Holiday Show)

by Norman Robbins

AUDITIONS: Sunday, September 22 and Monday, September 23 at 7 p.m. at Town Players of New Canaan, Powerhouse Theater in Waveny Park. Patrick Kiley is the director for this year’s holiday extravaganza of music, dance, cross-dressing, audience participation, and hilarity! COME HAVE FUN WITH US!!!!!!


One long weekend – December 12, 13 at 8:00 PM, and December 14, 15 at 2:30 PM.  Performances weeknights at 8:00 pm. Saturday/Sunday at 2:30 pm.


CINDERELLA – the Baron’s daughter (female, teens to 30s)

PRINCE CHARMING of Castle Glamorous (male or female, teens to 40s)

DANDINI – squire to the Prince (male or female, teens to 40s)

BARON HARDUPP of Stoneybroke Mansion (male, 50s and up)

BARONESS HARDUPP – his new wife (male or female, 40s and up)

ASPHYXIA – the first of Baroness Hardupp’s daughters (male, 20s and up)

EUTHANASIA – the second of Baroness Hardupp’s daughters (male, 20s and up)

BUTTONS – page to Baron Hardupp (male or female, any age)

FAIRY GODMOTHER or GODFATHER (male or female, 20s and up)

MAJOR DUMO – (male or female, any age)

Villagers, Footmen, Huntsmen, Courtiers and Chorus (male or female, any age)