ON GOLDEN POND by Ernest Thompson

Director: JOHN ATKIN

AUDITIONS: Sunday, June 6 & Monday, June 7 at 7:00 PM – at Powerhouse Theater, Waveny Park, New Canaan

Callbacks: likely Wednesday, June 9.

Produced by: special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. New York

Questions? Email to: info@tpnc.org

REQUIREMENTS:  All actors must be fully vaccinated.  Only exception is for Billy Jr., but vaccination should be administered as soon as State/Town allowed.
Norman Thayer: Male (70-80’s)

A retired professor, who describes himself as “older than dirt.” He uses his sharp, disarming wit to mask his fears and frustrations arising out of his failing health and fading memory; loving and vulnerable with Ethel.

Ethel Thayer: Female (70-80’s)

A spirited, intelligent, life-loving, nurturing soul and soulmate to Norman, unfazed by his barbs, saddened to watch him decline but determined that to enjoy to the fullest the time they have left together.

Chelsea Thayer: Female (40’s)

A bright, capable, divorced woman, still hurting from her regret of not having lived up to Norman’s expectations. She is newly engaged to Bill and a bit trepidatious about step mothering Billy Ray.

Bill Ray: Male (40’s-early 50’s)

Chelsea’s new fiancé. A successful Los Angeles dentist who is initially unnerved by Norman, but ultimately gains his respect by standing his ground.

Billy Jr: Boy (13 years old – or looks it)

Bill’s smart-mouthed son who, underneath a cool, tough front is really in need and responds enthusiastically to the love and attention he receives from Ethel and Norman.

Charlie Martin: Male (40’s)

The local mailman and childhood friend of Chelsea who has always had a crush on her. His laugh is contagious albeit used a little too often. Ability to do a Maine accent is a plus.


We can email pages to you soon… just ask at info@tpnc.org. For those of you who have scripts, here are the pages of the sides we’ll be starting with:

Ethel-Norman 11-12, 71-73

Charlie-Ethel-Norman 22-23


Bill-Norman 41-42

Billy-Norman 46-47

Chelsea-Ethel 56-58

QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact:

Producer DEBORAH BURKE at: info@TPNC.org

Director JOHN ATKIN at: Jwadirector@gmail.com

On Golden Pond is a touching, warm, witty comedic drama. Retired couple Ethel and Norman Thayer are spending their 48th summer at their vacation home on Golden Pond, in the woods of Maine. Their delightful summer routine is given a bitterly comedic edge by Norman’s unreliable memory and cantankerously morbid statements. When their daughter Chelsea visits for Norman’s 80th birthday, bringing her boyfriend Bill and Bill’s teenage son, Billy Jr., the whole family must come to grips with Norman and Chelsea’s mutual bitterness. Turbulent relationships, generation gap, and difficulties of a couple in the twilight years all combine in a play that effortlessly illustrates the hilarious, heartbreaking, human moments of which life is made.