Phoebe Craddock and Jason Carmichael are playwrights who meet and decide to collaborate just as he is getting married. Their relationship produces first a failure and then a string of successes. Their repartée remains sharp and witty as their unrequited interest in each other gathers energy over a nine-year period, until some resolution finally is in sight.
Produced by: Special Arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Production Team

Director: Richard Mancini
Producers: Sheila Toner/Terry LeBel
Stage Managers: Sheila Toner/Terry LeBel


Jason Carmichael: Rick Hanlon
Blanche Dailey : Jacquie Carlsen
Phoebe Craddock: Jennifer Prescott
Allison St. James: Kimberley Lowden
Leo Janowitz: Tim Brandt
Kate Mallory: Jen Woldman
theater set of a living room

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