WORDS FROM THE FRONT is a multi-media production which captures the effect of the war on real people: Russians, living in fear and moral outrage; a Ukrainian soldier, fighting for the life of his country and his family; a Ukrainian couple, shedding light on the war and on their immigration to the United States.

From local playwright and co-writer Nancy Herman: "WORDS FROM THE FRONT is based on a collection of actual text messages, Facebook messages and emails that have been exchanged in real time between many of my Russian friends and me; these exchanges began when the invasion started, and have continued to the present as the war evolves.  In addition to my correspondence with Russian friends, Words from the Front also presents the communication, made possible through Google translate, between my daughter Olivia, adopted from Russia in 1996, and her birth cousin Andrey, a Ukrainian soldier. They communicated as Andrey first moved his family to a bomb shelter, then sent them out of the country and quickly became a soldier actively engaged in the fighting.

The word-for-word exchanges presented in Words from the Front illuminate the dismay and fear of my Russian friends, affected by the war, in contrast to Andrey's courage and optimism as he fights to defend his country and protect his family. Our performance piece also includes a video of my interview with a Ukrainian couple living in Connecticut, whose son Stas is fighting for Ukraine. In addition, a slide show containing original photos and footage runs throughout."


Performances have raised over $7,000 to date, which has been donated to the UNICEF Foundation’s Relief Fund for Ukrainian Children. All net proceeds from Town Players of New Canaan performances will be donated for Ukraine Children's Relief as well.


Thank you for the play! That was incredibly great performance! (sic) We were shaken. We were crying, laughing, and again crying…… You and your actors touched our souls and filled our hearts with understanding…. Thank you for all you have done!
- Ian and Veronika L, Ukrainian couple

Today’s performance was so powerful.
– Holly J.

I owe you a long overdue note of gratitude for your moving performance of Words from the Front at our library. The script was brilliant, the performances were exceptional, and the multimedia components tied everything together beautifully. You’ve created something truly special.
– Rebecca H.

Really amazing performance. Very moving. If the goal of the piece is to get people talking and thinking and connected and WORRIED about what is cooking right beneath our own bottoms, in this country, too, then it succeeded. Completely succeeded.
- Melissa S.

- Elayne G.

The reading is a work in progress (as is the war) and has been performed 3 times so far, to standing ovations and high acclaim!
– Randye K.

Thank you for bringing this to us. At times I could barely breathe.
– Jeanne J.

I’m so glad that I attended your presentation. It was so emotional for me! By relaying the experiences of your friends and family in Russia and Ukraine you gave us an understanding of what they are confronting. Your communication with them encompassed such compassion and love.
– Val S.

A truly thought-provoking evening….
– Pam S

I love the message of wishes for love and peace by Russians and Ukrainians for each other. It’s a powerful piece.
– Sue H.

It was wonderful!
- Wendy G.
Produced by: Nancy Herman

Production Team

Co-writer: Nancy Herman
Co-writer: Lydia Sorensen
theater set of a living room

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