The Toxic Avenger is a charming “love story” and laugh-out-loud musical that has it all!

This rollicking, environmentally-themed musical with book and lyrics by Joe Dipietro, and music and lyrics by rock composer David Bryan, is full of timely dark comedy. It promises enough explosive energy to shake the autumn leaves off a lot of trees in Waveny Park.

Based on Lloyd Kaufman's cult horror film of 1984 (the cinematic remake of which will premiere later this year with Peter Dinklage and Kevin Bacon starring), The Toxic Avenger: The Musical was winner of the 2009 Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical. The Toxic Avenger has it all – an endearing love story, laugh-out-loud lines, and an infectious score. The unlikely plot: A young, nerdy janitor at a health club finds out that the mayor of his small town is polluting its fields. He's rewarded for his discovery by being chased into a vat of toxic waste, where he is suddenly transfigured into a vengeful superhuman. Are his monstrous looks a reflection of his transformed soul, or do they hide a tender and compassionate heart? Will he use his newfound superpowers for good or for evil? And most importantly, will he get the girl he loves?

That's for you to find out, when you attend this delightfully irreverent, "radioactive" production directed by Stephen Emerick, of Stamford, and starring Fairfield County and Westchester actors Chris Balestriere, Kelley Alejos, Markiss Robert, Anthony Laszlo, and Lauren Gulliver Travers.

Recommended for Mature Audiences: Age 16+
Produced by: Nova Hall

Production Team

Director : Stephen Emerick
Music Director : Zachary Kampler
Choreographer: Jennifer Silverman
Stage Manager: Nikki Neurohr
Set Design : Joel Reynolds and Deborah Burke
Lighting Design: Sophie Bardos
Costumes and Props : Markiss Robert and Deborah Burke
Props: Meghan Lima-Bona and Deborah Burke


Melvin Ferd III: Chris Balestriere
Sarah: Kelley Alejos
Black Dude: Markiss Robert
White Dude: Anthony Laszlo
Mayor: Lauren Gulliver Travers
theater set of a living room

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