The Heiress is set in the high society of 1850s New York City. Socially awkward, plain Catherine Sloper is constantly berated and undermined by her domineering physician father, who blames her for causing her mother’s death in childbirth. When a poor, but handsome suitor begins to woo her, Catherine is convinced that she has, at last, found someone who values her for herself, not the money she will inherit. But, has she?
Produced by: Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Production Team

Director: John Atkin
Producer: Marcia Cummings-vinci
Assistant Director: Deborah Burke
Stage Manager: Juli Sellers
Set Design: Mark Torres
Set Decoration: Deborah Burke


Catherine Sloper: Ash Lago
Dr. Sloper: Mark Sank
Morris Tosend: Rob Rosado
Lavinia Penniman: Laurel Lettieri
Elizabeth Almond: Leslie Andrews
Mrs. Montgomery: Kathleen Spellman
Marian Almond: Sarah Sherwood
Arthur Townsend: Brian Buckley
Maria: Jess Grabarz
theater set of a living room

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