Divorcees Judith and Telfer find themselves stuck in the unfortunate situation of being together again – in Hell, located deep in a labyrinth of tunnels in the substrata of Grand Central Station. Against her better judgment, Judith entertains a soul pact with Satan, who wants her to rekindle her relationship with her ex in order to unfold his ungodly plan here on earth. If she’s successful, there will be Hell to pay.

PLAYWRIGHT: Alex McFarlane is a graduate of the School of the Arts, Columbia University. His career in the New York art world has spanned several decades. During this time, Alex has exhibited regularly and his shows have been reviewed in Arts magazine and in the Art Section of the New York Times. He has won a Tiffany Foundation grant and a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship. He is a Fellow of the Augustus St. Gaudins Memorial. More recently, he has turned to playwriting. His play, Birds Should Fly Free, in the New York International Fringe Festival was
described as a political satire by Laura Collins-Hughes in the Theater Section of the New York Times. Alex believes the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival is an exciting opportunity for the next plateau in his playwriting career.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Suggested for age 16+ (discussion of sex, risqué costuming)
Produced by: Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

Production Team

STAGE MANAGER: Zachary Slocumb
ASST. STAGE MANAGER : Madalynn Lemolo


The Devil: Bob Filipowich
Telfer: Chris Cluett
Judith: Heather DeLude
Clot: John Atkin
Luther : Dan Murphy
Delilah: Shelley Lepetich
theater set of a living room

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