Anthony and Rosemary are introverted misfits straddling 40. He’s spent his entire life on a farm in rural Ireland, which suits him well. She lives right next door, determined to have him, watching the years slip away. With his father threatening to disinherit him and a land feud simmering, Rosemary has every reason to fear romantic catastrophe. However, these yearning, eccentric souls fight their way towards some kind of happiness in a heartbreaking, funny as hell, and deeply moving journey.
Produced by: Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Production Team

Director: Tim Cronin
Producer: Sheila Toner
Stage Manager: Meredith Bihl
Production Designer: Mark Torres
Set Designer: Kevin Pelkey
Costume Designer: Deborah Runestad
Dramaturge: Tricia McDermott
Lighting Designer: Mark Torres
Sound Designer: Katey Henninger


Anthony: Patrick Duffy
Aoife: Louise Kaminer
Rosemary: Collene Torres
Tony: David Victor
theater set of a living room

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