This charming tale touches the heart – with lots of laughs along the way! It is hard enough for Mr. Popper, a simple painter, to support himself and his family. The addition of twelve penguins makes it impossible to make ends meet – until Mr. Popper has a splendid idea. He will turn the talented penguins into a traveling vaudeville act! And that’s exactly what he does. The entire family will delight in the adventures of Mr. Popper and his “performing” feathered friends.
Produced by: Special Arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences

Production Team

Director: Sheri B. Dean
Producer: Katey Henninger
Music Director: Ken Knox
Stage Manager: Meredith Bihl
Costumer: Deborah Runestad
Choreographers: Madeline Tommins, Renee Sutherland


Mr. Popper: Bob Filipowich
Mrs. Popper: Janice Rudolph
Billy Popper: Jonathan David
Captain Cook: Alexis Taylor
Greta: Katie Priscott
Deliveryman/Policeman/City Hall Clerk/Townsperson: Tim Brandt
Doc Harper/Greenbaum/Townsperson: Tim Cronin
Admiral Drake/Mailman/City Hall Clerk/Townsperson: Ed Donahue
Paperboy/Townsperson: Dash Prescott
Saleslady/City Hall Clerk/Stage Manager/Townsperson: Jennifer Prescott
Furious Woman/Townsperson: Linda Simon
Leading Lady/Townsperson: Emily Wood
City Hall Clerk/Townsperson: Ginger Yost
Penguins: Lotta Fernqvist, Isabella Madrid, Lilly Messina, Danielle O’Malley, Owen Priscott
theater set of a living room

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