The cult classic 1975 movie will be shown behind a full costumed cast performing and singing all the scenes of the movie in sync with the film. A flop when it was first released, it's since gained a fervent global fan following. A fast-paced potpourri of camp, sci-fi and rock 'n roll all rolled into one in this hilarious horror parody. Audience participation with appropriate bags of prop kits will be available to purchase at the theater. To encourage the safety and enjoyment of the film by all in attendance, any bags brought to the theater could be subjected to a search for non-allowable items. Dress-up by audience members is encouraged!!!
Produced by: Deborah Burke

Production Team

Director: Katie Carriero


Frank 'n Furter: Nick Byrne
Rocky: Kitt Watson
Riff: David Pollard
Janet: Paige Howell
Brad: Jason Brown
Eddie: Michael Bud
Magenta: Marcy Sansolo
Columbia: Lori Federico
Dr. Scott: Jennifer Prescott
Phantom 1: Leena Bud
Phantom 2: Jennifer Prescott
Narrator: Dash Prescott
theater set of a living room

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